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What Kiko Says:

Kiko Alonso, NFL Linebacker, Miami Dolphins

“I got into Unleash LIFE cold-pressed juice because I am always looking for ways that can give me advantages in recovery and make my mind sharper. I found that drinking the juice does that for me and gives me that extra edge…
One of the biggest challenges of the season is overcoming injuries…

The first few months of the season, everything is good, but then your body starts to hurt, and you get tired. I think this juice really helps combat that…I honestly just feel better all around when I am drinking it and can tell a difference in how I feel”


Unleash LIFE juices are an invigorating and energizing way to help achieve better health. I found these juice recipes to be nutritious and tasty. This is why I have recommended these juices to clients, family members, and friends.

Dr. Ashwin Mehta / Pembroke Hospital of Oncology

UNLEASH LIFE delivers the freshest, most medicinal, highest potent raw juice in all of Florida. They are the only RAW JUICE DELIVERY service you’ll need for the rest of your healthy life..

Josh Silk / Owner, Rhino Strength

I turned 46 & couldn’t help but notice how stiff I was in the morning when my feet hit the floor… as if Rigamortis set in overnight. Just a week after drinking my morning Turmeric Ginger shot and I am back to my youthful self…

Danielle Sayers / Pompano Beach