Our Partners in Health

Here at Unleash LIFE, we care about your body, mind and soul.  We believe you deserve a happy and fulfilling life, where you spend your days unleashing every bit of potential inside you.

Our bodies are incredible machines built to heal themselves. But pollution in the air we breathe and chemicals in processed food can impede that process and also make us sick. That’s why it’s so important to nourish our bodies with natural, unprocessed food and liquids.

Following core tenets of Eastern Medicine, we believe that pure and raw ingredients are medicine. In addition to diet, we need exercise, relaxation and other modes of self-care to be healthy. If you are interested in starting on a new path to holistic wellbeing, then our partners are here to help. Mention Unleash LIFE and you’re sure to get an extra dose of TLC.


Aspire Sports Lab, Oakland Park

CrossFit classes and one-on-one coaching, even online.


Colletti Yoga, Fort Lauderdale

Living by the words, “Realize deeply the present moment is all you ever have.” – Eckhart Tolle

Core Fitness with Bonnie Weaver, Fort Lauderdale

A one-woman company growing by word-of-mouth.

Expand Thai Massage, Oakland Park

Where pain is temporary, and moms-to-be recharge.

Express Life Family Chiropractic, Fort Lauderdale

Sometimes an adjustment is all the relief you need.

Flexation Massage, Oakland Park

Healing hands and a brand new “mobility and recovery” room.

I Love Kickboxing, Pompano Beach

You don’t have to be a fighter to have killer abs.

Lions Kitchen, Fort Lauderdale

Delivering healthy meals each week to your doorstep.

Red Pearl Yoga, Fort Lauderdale

35 classes a week and enlightening social events.

Retro Red’s Beauty Shop, Fort Lauderdale

Hair that’s the serious bomb.

Rhino Strength Fitness, Margate

Customized classes in a motivating, group setting.

Ride Element, Oakland Park

Cycling classes for cardio and TRX for strength.

Symmetry Fitness, Fort Lauderdale

A range of services including couples training and online programs.

Top Notch Training, Fort Lauderdale

Personal training, youth programs and unlimited fitness classes.

Tula Bistro, Fort Lauderdale

Vegan food so good, you might feel guilty.