RAW Thai Coconut Milk

RAW Thai Coconut Milk
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This is not the type of coconut milk you will find at the grocery store. In fact, you wont find it anywhere. Each bottle is handmade from a freshly cracked coconut and a single date. Hands down, it is sinfully delicious. Coconuts are known for their healthy fatty acids, or MCTs. MCTs have been widely researched for their ability to possibly reduce appetite, increase metabolism, boost your good cholesterol, boost brain functioning, and decrease belly fat.

One entire Organic Thai Coconut squeezed into a bottle. Handmade. Absolutely delicious!

Organic coconut meat, organic coconut water, date

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1. Drink daily.
2. Best to drink on an empty stomach.
3. Wait at least 15 minutes before eating.
4. If drinking multiple juices in one day, space at least one hour apart for optimal results.

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